Seven simple ways to be happy in 2016

2 Jan, 2016, 10.29AM IST

  We all had our high and low moments in 2015. From missed goals to failed resolutions, there have been times we were fully fed up in 2015 and gave up. But, there were also times when you were on top of the world for a new job, new miracle and a relationship.

Let bygones be bygones and usher in the New Year with positivity and happiness. Tell yourself that the year 2016 is going to be an amazing one and whatever you want to become or aspire for will come true in 2016!

Here are ways to ring in the New Year and be happier in 2016.

-Forgive and Forget

Don’t carry on the luggage of your past and think about in the New Year. Start afresh! Bury your past and move ahead with positive energy. The universe will reward you.

-Say positive things

Introspection is different and self-doubt is altogether a different game. Be positive about yourself and feel it. Don’t say negative things about yourself. What you give is what you receive.

Unfriend negative people around you

You don’t need people who bog you down or refrain you from being crazy. Love yourself and keep negative and unhappy people at a long distance


Be grateful to people around you and thank god for this beautiful life.


Whenever you get up, walk, cook, dress up, drive, keep smiling. This will send positive signals to your brain and your day will be good. ..

Don’t stoop to small talk

Don’t judge people and don’t enter into small talk. This way to will shift your focus to things that have no meaning in your own life and might disturb you as well. In simple words, Mind your own business.

-Act Now!

There was a reason why you failed in your goals or sad days were more than happy days. Work on them and don’t delay it. Act now and be happy !


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