Worried about buying property? Go online

BENGALURU: Want to buy property but not sure if the information you have is credible? You will soon have details of the transaction history, measurement and land-use conversion at your fingertips. All you need to do is enter the property’s survey number on the stamps and registration department website and crosscheck the details.

Nearly 27 lakh properties get registered each year in Bengaluru alone. To make the process transparent and hassle-free, the department has decided to post the details online by the end of September. While multiple registrations and fraudulent transactions are still major concerns among buyers, the department intends to make public all records of buildings, apartments, commercial complexes, individual houses and agriculture properties.

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“The department is planning to implement the Anywhere Registration facility in select districts across Karnataka. Property details which are being uploaded online will be compiled by the department from across the state,” said inspector general of registration (IGR) Manoj Kumar Meena.

Faulty entry may be a spoiler

However, there are chances of the details being erroneous, in cases where data entry may have been faulty. Documents with TOI show that in several cases, multiple registrations have occurred because their details haven’t been recorded in encumbrance certificates (ECs). “While we are certain that instances of fraudulent transactions, knowingly or unknowingly, may continue to occur, we cannot say that all records are faulty,” Meena said.

Privacy concerns: Asked if making the information public amounts to infringement of privacy, Meena said access will only be granted to those who enter the survey number and other details. “The software we use will not display information if someone searches for a citizen’s name. The page will only open when one keys in property registration details,” he added.


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