Survey Numbers of Properties in Bengaluru on Google Earth

BENGALURU: In a couple of days, Bengalureans will be able to see the survey numbers of properties on Google Earth. They will be able to view buildings, lakes and other structures, with Google Earth only as a background.

The state government will introduce a computer application that will superimpose survey maps on Google Earth images and tell you what land it is. “This way, people can get a visual indication of which property is where and what they are really dealing with,” a senior official said.

To begin with, maps of 240 villages that make up Bengaluru will be uploaded for people’s convenience. “These are maps dating to 1965. Some things may have changed now. Say, a government land could have been transferred legally to private players, but we can assure you that a lake in 1965 will have to be a lake even now, things like that cannot change,” said Munish Moudgil, commissioner of survey, settlement & land records.

He added that in 18 months, fresh maps of some city areas being surveyed as part of the Urban Property Ownership Record project, will replace old maps and then citizens will get details of every flat or house too.

“Similarly the entire city’s map will be replaced with new ones in the next few years,” he pointed out. He added that the decision to go ahead with the 1965 map was made to prevent delay in introducing such a citizen-friendly initiative.


It’s a promising start by the government to ease the onerous process of identifying property in Bengaluru. By utilizing available technology like Google Earth and integrating city maps, the aim is to give a fairly accurate idea to the citizen on what is government or private land, with survey number. With real estate dealings in the city often bogged by lack of transparency and causing endless anxiety to potential buyers, this application %will give a credible headstart.


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