Property Card-UPOR certificate in Bengaluru

BENGALURU: Finally, a tender to start the process of implementing a project that claims to guarantee property owners with one common card/certificate authenticating their ownership is ready to be floated.

Aimed at enhancing transparency, the government had mooted the launch of Urban Property Ownership Record (UPOR) certificate in a phased manner, including in Bengaluru. A senior official from the survey, settlement & land records department said, “Following its success in Shivamogga, where this card/certificate is a must, we’ve prepared a tender to cover 4-5 lakh properties spread across 50 wards of Bengaluru. The tender will be floated before Monday.” Bengaluru has a little over 20 lakh properties; as a first step, 25% of these are expected to be covered under UPOR. However, the 50 wards are yet to be identified, and it will take at least two months to select a surveying agency. Once all the properties are surveyed, the UPOR cards will be generated. The project has been under consideration since 2013 but paucity of funds resulted in its postponement. “Our government is the first in the country to have a project that streamlines the ownership registration of urban properties,” said Munish Moudgil, commissioner, survey, settlement & land records.

A ccurate spatial and updated ownership data of properties will allow citizens to have secured ownership documents and help them avail speedy land-related services, Moudgil said. “This will make citizens confident about transactions and also reduce property disputes due to fair handling of ownership records.”

The card/certificate will have coordinates of the boundary points of land/plot, area of land, building details (built-up area, number of floors), rights on the property (ownership, mortgage, lease, easement, history of transactions on the property), et al.

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