Corporates to partner Sakala to ensure better public services

Statesman News Service ,Bangalore, 19 January

In a first of its kind initiative  here ,major corporates and allied bodies have agreed to partner SAKALA, the state’s    e-governance mission  to provide government services on- time  to the public.

Corporates like the DLF, Mahindra,Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs and the African International Business Forum, along with others,  are now set to involve themselves in  spreading  awareness  about the “on time “  delivery scheme  to the  state’s villages and taluks. At present,over 447  government services including   delivery of ration cards, birth certificates, property ownership papers to  driving licences ,to name but a few, are made available to the public on time. This e-governance initiative has already clocked  a huge success rate  in enforcing the prescribed standards,even as it provides for  fines  on officials   who fail to deliver within the specified timeline. The penalty amount  is  deducted  from the salaries of the babus concerned.

For the state,  the encouraging development comes on the back of the national award that it is getting for the SAKALA scheme under the ‘Outstanding performance in citizen centric  service delivery ” for 2013-14.  It  would be presented  during the two-day  national conference on e-governance , beginning at  Kochi  on  30 January.  The initiative   was launched during the BJP government. Considering its benefits, the ruling Congress   under Mr Siddaramiah had no hesitation in continuing it considering  the  benefits to the general public. Already a host of countries,including Pakistan and Bangladesh , have approached Karnataka seeking guidance in replicating the scheme.

The private sector’s  initiative came during the international conference on corporate social responsibility  here  today  following a call by  Mrs Shalini Rajneesh,principal secretary,department of administrative reforms and mission director, SAKALA.
In addition the corporates are expected to assist   in setting up “help desks “ and kiosks to monitor   online   applications for the services desired apart from sponsoring laptops,printers,computers and related electronic  equipment.


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