Google’s Throat Tattoo To Detect Lies

The company famous for taking moon shots at the technology—Google, is yet again coming up with a device which seems to be straight from science fiction. Google’s Motorola Mobility in a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO) has come up with a “system and method” to tattoo a mobile-device microphone with lie-detector circuitry onto the users’ throat, reports The Register.

The device comes with the dual functionality, one which cut downs the background noise and help to carry on a clear conversation in noisy environments just by plastering the device on your throat and the other— its use as lie detector. While its ability to catch voice directly from your throat makes a lot of sense but its ability to detect lie may tick off the users.

The device also apparently offers the ability to the users to configure it in the way to transmit commands to your phone which will be very useful when one’s hands are full. Power for the device could be supplied by a variety of methods, including “solar panel technology, capacitive technology, nanotechnology, or electro-mechanical technology.”

The tattoo could also be programmed to respond to a variety of audio sources, including “a user’s vocal intonation, a specific word or words, a melody, or a harmonic tone/vibration,” and in response to those inputs send a variety of notifications or commands to the user’s mobile device. There are some mentions about the device could also be used as a collar or band instead of a throat tattoo.

The filing also describes the electronic skin tattoo as having a display and a user interface. It may seem absurd given that we wouldn’t be able to see it if it is placed on the neck.


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