HISTORY MADE: Kejriwal takes oath as Delhi’s youngest CM

Following the swearing-in ceremony, Kejriwal in a speech appealed to his newly sworn in ministers to never become arrogant.History was made Saturday when Arvind Kejriwal took oath as Delhi’s seventh chief minister at the Ramlila Maidan, watched by tens of thousands of excited supporters and on live television around the country.
Kejriwal takes oath as CMIt was the culmination of a momentous campaign for people’s rights that was mounted by Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), formed only a year ago and which rode to power in a major electoral upset this month.

Along with Kejirwal were sworn in six of his relatively youthful ministers by Delhi Lt Governor Najeeb Jung amid a crescendo of cheers and claps from his white cap-waving sea of supporters and voters who reposed faith in him and his promises to “change the system”.

Other AAP leaders Manish Sisodia, Satyendra Kumar Jain and Somnath Bharti, Rakhi Birla, Saurabh Bharadwaj, Girish Soni also took oath as cabinet ministers.

Kejriwal appeals to people to not give bribe

Following the swearing-in ceremony, Kejriwal in a speech at the Ramlila maidan announced a special number which will bring corrupt government officers to book.

He said, “I swear that in my life I will never take bribes or give bribes. If anyone asks for a bribe, pay it and report it to a special number, the phone will be activated in 2 days. We shall catch the corrupt red handed.”

He added, “The fight is very long and we will need the support of people to end corruption in the capital and the country. We don’t have solutions to all problems. “We don’t have a magic wand to solve problems immediately. We have all stepped out to clean this politics and for the past 2 years we have been fighting and have lost Santosh Koli.”

Kejriwal said his party was formed to serve the common man. “If we walk on the path of truth, ultimately the truth will win,” he said. “We had to form a party to wade out arrogant politicians, hope that the noone else has to form a party to wade us out. We came here to serve and we will go to our constituencies and serve the common man of whom we are a part.”

The Delhi’s new CM also appealed to his new ministers to be never arrogant during their tenure.He said, “We haven’t come here to mint money, we left our jobs to reach this podium. We should not be arrogant.” 

Source: Yahoo News!

Highlights of Arvind Kejriwal’s speech after oath taking ceremony:

1-The struggle was to give power to the people of Delhi.
2-If anyone asks for bribe, don’t say no. Set it up and alert us. We will give you a phone number…and we will catch the officer red-handed.
3-Today AAP MLAs have not taken oath, every citizen of Delhi has, Arvind Kejriwal says after taking oath.
4-This time people of Delhi have shown that elections can be fought and won by honesty.
5-I want to thank God for the success of our revolution.
6-We don’t have a magic wand to solve all issues, but we have firm believe that together we can work to solve all problems.
7-A few people cannot do anything, we need to unite and fight together, Kejriwal says after taking oath.
8-I plead with folded hands to all my ministers and workers, please do not become proud.
9-We had to form a party to wade out arrogant politicians, hope that the no one else has to form a party to wade us out.
10-“Mera man kehta hai ki ane wale panch salon mein yeh desh sone ki chidiya ban jayenga”.


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