B-khatha will be as good as A-khatha

B-khatha properties in Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) limits will be allowed registration.

The move will enable owners of B-khatha properties to get their plots regularised and obtain A-khatha under a separate scheme, which the government is planning to implement.This also means that unauthorised plots (formed without converting land use and approvals from town planning authority) that fall under B-khatha bracket formed after December 1, 2013, will not be registered. It is not clear whether the BBMP will continue with the B-khatha system in future.

B-khatha is a only a separate register maintained by the BBMP for the purpose of proper tax collection. However, B-khathas do not have any legal sanctity and do not vouch for ownership of property. It is not recognized as a valid document for any official purpose by any government agencies. A-khatha is legally and proves the ownership title. 

The Karnataka High Court recently sought to know the stand of the government on registration of B-khatha properties in Bangalore. The court had observed that allowing registration of such properties will lead to haphazard development of the City and asked the government to put an end to this.

So registration of B-khatha properties was stopped for the last few months, official sources said. Briefing reporters after the Cabinet meeting, Law Minister T B Jayachandra said registration of B-khatha properties will commence soon. The government is likely to get about Rs 1,000 crore revenue from this decision, he added.

In order to regularise plots, owners can apply under the Akrama-Sakrama scheme once it comes into effect. In this direction, the State government has replied to queries sought by Governor H R Bhardwaj with regard to the Karnataka Land Revenue (Second Amendment) Bill, 2012 or popularly known as the Akrama-Sakrama legislation, which was returned by Raj Bhavan recently.

The bill proposes to amend Section 94CC of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act providing for regularization of houses built prior to January 1, 2012 on revenue land in urban areas. The Governor has returned the bill for reconsideration by both houses stating that “unabated regularization of unauthorized construction in government land would directly encourage encroachment by land grabbers”.

However, the governor has given his assent to two other Akrama-Sakrama bills, one pertaining to amendment of section 94 C of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act providing for regularization of houses built on revenue land in rural areas. The other pertains to the amendment to Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act which proposes to regularize constructions that have building by-laws.



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