India Doesn’t Sign UN Resolution on Child Marriage

Modern India is still plagued with social evil practices like child marriage and violence towards women. It is one such country in the world where child marriage is reported at the highest number, with nearly 40 percent of world’s 24 million child brides, according to United Nations statistics. This country dubbed as world’s child marriage capital, has once again moved a step back in enacting and enforcing adequate laws that prohibit child marriage by declining to sign on the first-ever global decision on eliminating early and forced marriage of children led by the UN, reports Kounteya Sinha for TOI.

The decision taken by the UN Human Rights Council stressed the need to include child marriage in the post-2015 international development agenda. This is mainly to highlight the comprehensive impact of early marriage on the economic, legal, health and social status of girls as well as the development of the community as a whole.

India is among the South Asian countries which did not support the resolution.  The decision is backed by 107 countries including the African countries like Ethiopia, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Chad, Guatemala, Honduras and Yemen.


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