Gandhigiri in Bengaluru

Bribe Free Khata thru RTI, Gandhigiri and Lokayukta and Dharna
Reported on September 20, 2013 from Bangalore, Karnataka
Sachidananda Nagara Nyayapara Andolana (SNNA) achieved a major milestone in Bangalore on Nov 15th 2010, where a group of about 120 people obtained Khata from Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) without paying a single paisa of bribe. This group fought by collecting documents thru RTI, filing cases against Bureaucrats and MLA in the Lokayukta, doing Gandhigiri with Roses at many Municipal offices and finally doing Mid-Night Dharna in the Municipal office on Nov 15th 2010.
Only then the BBMP Commissioner yielded and brought the BBMP officials from home at 1.30 AM and made them issue Khatas. 

See details on our site:

However, the local MLA, the Mayor (both from BJP), along with land mafia and the BBMP bureaucrats have found ways to create continuous hurdles over the past three years, and stopped issuing Khatas and building plans to more than 200 other people from the same lay out. 

SNNA is now taking legal action against all these problem creators, but we have found that legal road to resolve issues, that too against Government bureaucrats is an extremely arduous task.
We hope to start our Gandhigiri and Dharnas again, but we certainly need MEDIA support, along with other Civil society groups who are fighting against corruption. 
SNNA is now a registered organization with lot more funds and lot more dedication to fight against bribery.

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