Lack Of Young Policymakers in Indian Economy

 With experience comes wisdom.

The phrase might be correct in some cases, but another truth is that, change is constant and to blend with the change one has to broaden his perspective.  However, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government does not seem in much of a mood to give way to young minds that can be monumental in bringing change to the shrinking Indian economy. The absence of youth is not only evident in economic front but is almost nonexistent in any forefront of policy making, reports Business Standard.

The appointment of Raghuram Rajan as the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India has been welcomed with great expectation. It is followed by over two percent rise in stock market and 1.45 percent rise in rupee strength. Although the Indian people are full of hope with the governor’s appointment, one question arises as to why there is lack of young people in the Union Cabinet?

The average age of the 32 ministers in the current Union Cabinet is 67. The four new ministers brought in to the cabinet by Manmohan Singh also have an average age of 73. The same picture extends to portfolios like home, defense, labor, steel, coal and railways.

Indian politics is in need of people who can bring new skills and novel ideas with them. The dynamism of youth coupled with the experience and wisdom of the elder generation in politics can bring dramatic changes to the political and economic condition of India.


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