‘India needs automated governance to deal with corruption’

The system of governance and corruption are among factors that slow the growth of various industries and fields in the country, according to B K Chaturvedi, member, Planning Commission.

Speaking at the eighth Annual International Conference on Public Policy and Management, on the topic ‘Infrastructure: Hard and Soft’, Chaturvedi cited examples of the coal and telecom industry as examples of areas which had registered a slow growth.

Slow Growth

“The softer aspects of hard infrastructure are reasons like slow growth,” he said. “Environmental concerns, government aspects such as fixing tariffs, corruption are  also various reasons for slow growth,” he said.

Explaining that India and China were similar in terms of population, development and corruption, but that China seemed to be doing something about fighting corruption, Chaturvedi said India needs to move faster in dealing with corruption.

“We need to come out of this trap of corruption through a system intervention. To reduce the scope of corruption, we need an automated governance system with regard to maintaining records of revenue and works undertaken,” he said.

Reducing the citizen and public servant interface when it comes to essential services such as issuing certificates among others will also help, he added.

Public Investment

Amitabh Kundu of JNU, during a session on infrastructure development in emerging middle classes of small cities, noted that there was a decreasing trend in terms of public investment in infrastructure projects. 

While there was a conscious decision to decrease public spending, he pointed out that this could lead to more disparity in the availability of infrastructure in mega cities, tier two cities and in rural areas.

The three-day conference by IIM-B will see academicians and policy influences exchange ideas on infrastructure facilities and drawbacks across the country.

Source: ipaidabribe


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