Passport appointments in Bengaluru -Improved log on ‘any time’

Applicants for passports can now log on to the website any time to take an appointment. Under the earlier system, applicants had to log on at 6.30 pm and try to take an appointment before all the slots were filled up. Now, with the introduction of more number of appointment slots and online payment system, applicants can register and take an appointment any time. 

With the availability of appointments round the clock, the waiting period is also slowly on the rise. At present, appointment for Lalbagh Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) is expected to take around a month, while the waiting period for Marathahalli PSK is about three weeks. The number of appointments is expected to reduce in the coming days, if the number of PSKs are increased.

Walk-ins are still entertained for several categories including senior citizens and minors from 9.30 am to 11.30 am. Candidates who need to apply for passports immediately will be allowed to present their proof of urgency to seek an appointment.

Addressing reporters on Tuesday, Regional Passport Officer P S Karthigeyan said those who had to go back in case of insufficient documents or other reasons would be allowed to come back.

Source: Excerpts from DH


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