Honesty in Khakhi department!!!

Today (25-2-2013) i was travelling from khar road to goregaon to visit my granny, when i saw a police havaldar stopped an truck driver for violations of traffic rules. The driver got down and tried to offer an bribe to the havaldar gave him a slap in return for offering the bribe and charged him the essential penalty. What i observed is that there was nobody around the truck to see the havaldar accept the bribe (i saw the entire scenario from above the W.E. Highway), the havaldar did not accept it, although he could have accepted it and no body would be aware even a single percent… similarly i saw a somewhat same case in thane west with a female havaldar…. i must say, common people, for no reason blame our police department only because of very very few people, but even those very few people do it due to some problems, inspite the fact even they might not like it…. i really salute these uniformed people who struggle day and night only for us – the common people…. really a big grand salute to all of you…… Jai Hind….

Source: Citizen Reported on July 25, 2013 from Mumbai, Maharashtra in http://www.ipaidabribe.com


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