India’s First Ever Child Safety Startup

Make no mistake about why these babies are here – they are here to replace us,’ for, it is a new generation that takes over the older one and these fresh souls deserve a lot of care and attention. It is for this reason Shalini Ahuja Agarwal started India’s first ever child safety startup – Safe Baby, a startup dedicated to child safety using the concept of baby proofing or auditing to avoid potential risks or accidents.

Founded and incorporated in 2011, Safe Baby offers mothers and fathers a great deal in terms of child safety. Agarwal and her husband, Sachin Agarwal runs this startup, an idea which was conceived on their return trip from the U.S. The duo claims to have done great research in the area of child proofing as it is very important to do because the company idea and the business model revolves around the security of a child’s life.

“We have safety equipment such as door guards, cabinet locks, safety gates, cord shorteners and many others which are installed on the spot to reduce risks instantly. We also offer workshops on preventing accidents, first-aid and CPR,” said Agarwal to ET. The process involves conducting baby proofing audits, identifying the probability of unfortunate accidents and risks in a kid’s bedroom, playing area, lawn, garden, pool or even preparatory schools.

Agarwal, like any other woman entrepreneur has her own daily chores and duties but all thanks to a supportive eco-system she lives in. ‘Being a mother is a full-time job in itself. Fortunately for me, I have a supportive ecosystem – spouse, in-laws, parents, friends, neighbours. So many people have helped me balance my professional and personal commitments,’ says Agarwal, who is also a mother of two children.

Source: Silicon DD


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