Spouses Are The Powerhouse Of Inspiration For Many CEOs!

Women’s contribution in strengthening the marriage plays a vital role. She supports her husband encourages him  through her inspirations and encouragements.

Here are few CEO s who have expressed what they want their wives to know, which has uplifted them and encouraged them to climb the success ladder, reports Economic Times.

Kishore Biyani

Kishore Biyani, CEO of “Future Group” and managing director for Pantaloons Retail recalls his initial days in business and how his wife helped him in every step he took.When Kishore was puzzled whether to sell his Pantaloons retail to Kumar Mangalam Birla in May 2012, his wife Sangita was the person to clear his confusions and told him to sell it. Sangita says that it would have taken probably 10 years for her husband Kishore to build pantaloons, but today he is capable of building another 3 companies within two years.In return, Birla paid him an estimate of 1, 500 crore for pantaloon, this money came as great support for the dying future company which was facing a burden of 5, 800 crore.

Vindi Banga

Vindi Banga,ex- president of Unilever global food business and former chairman of Hindustan Unilever talks about how his wife Kamini first came out with an idea of using the company’s logo in all their advertisements.

Banga says that “Kamini’s complete support, and at the same time, frank feedback during the challenging transformation of Hindustan Unilever really helped”.

Himanshu Kapania 

The year 1997 was the most critical year for the telecom sector. During this time, Himanshu Kapania was heading the marketing department in HCL Technologies, and was not ready to accept the offer to join Idea Cellular. It was his wife Sangita Kapania who compelled him to join Idea Cellular as the operations manager for half of Maharastra circle based in Goa. Today, after 16 years he has become the CEO of Idea Cellular which is an 46, 000 crore company.

D Shivkumar, ex-Nokia India MD, say that “A real work-life balance can only come with an understanding spouse”.

When CEOs are climbing the success, it is only their spouse who can stand by their side and guild them. According to Raman Roy, CMD, Quatrro, says that “If you are the boss, there will be too many ‘yes men’ and no one to tell you how stupid your idea is; only your spouse can do that”.

Many top executives sometimes don’t prefer to attend evening parties and functions if their spouses are not invited. Anil Sachdeva of Grow Talent says that there is a very thin line between a business life and socializing. He continued to say that “Companies encourage participation of families. Appreciating roles in front of spouses and families is a huge psychological boost”.


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