Jobs where Women outshine Men-CNBC Report

Though women have made great strides with respect to every aspect of life, they are still lagging behind from an earning perspective. Never mind modernity and women’s liberation, men still have the upper hand when it comes to pay packages in almost every occupation. But there are a few exceptions.

Take a look at some of the jobs where women are outshining and out-earning their male counterparts, as listed by Kelli B. Grant of CNBC and other sources.


Women seem to have moved up the payroll in this line of work. As per the Glassdoor, women clearly have an edge when it comes to pay packages in this profession and are earning 13.7 percent more compared to their male counterparts.According to Allyson Willoughby, Glassdoor’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President of people, the reason behind the higher pay for women in finance jobs, is their keenness to negotiate.    


Contrary to the popular perception, finance and insurance fields are not dominated by males. As per the recent Pay Scale report, nearly 55 percent of the workforce in this profession are women. They also seem to have the ascendancy when it comes to pay packages. Currently, female stockbrokers are bagging additional 13.2 percent than what men do.Among stockbrokers with parallel education and experience, women out-earn men by 8.9 percent.       

Human Resources Professional

This is a profession that is dominated by women, both in terms of the headcount and salary. Though female administrators do not fare well when compared to the salaries of their male counterparts, female HR training managers and female HR directors are definitely in the ascendancy in terms of the offered pay packages. Female HR training managers out earn the men by 3.4 percent, while female HR directors out earn their male equivalents by 1.8 percent.


This is a profession that has the second highest pay disparity on the list. Women in this field bag a wage that is nearly 21.8 percent higher than what male detectives earn, said the PayScale report. Among the professionals with parallel experience and educational background, the gap shrinks to 10 percent.  


Counselors for mental health, substance abuse and other social & health issues earn somewhere between  1.23 lakh to  17.68 lakh, as per PayScale. But males and females are not treated equal and their earning potential is not the same in this field. There is a small pay disparity that is in favor of females associated with this line of work. The female counselors’ cash in additional 2.6 percent compared to the male in the same job.    

Real Estate Agent

Yes, this is a male dominated field and normally we don’t associate females with this profession. But the fact is that, though there are only a handful of female professionals in this field, they are actually earning more than their male equivalents. Female real estate agents are earning 6.95 percent more than what males earn in the same line of work. 


Traditionally, modeling has been a woman dominated field and will continue to be ruled by them. The pay disparity between the two sexes is almost incomparable. Women are out earning men by a staggering 148.8 percent. And the pay difference reduces to 28.4 percent when it comes to male and female models with the same experience.  


As per PayScale, female oncologists out-earn their opposite number by 9.7 percent. And among oncologist with comparable education and experience, the gap shrinks to 0.8 percent.


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