Modi wants governance delinked from squabbles

Excerpts of Speech of Modi in Karnataka:

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday expressed confidence that people of the state would delink internal squabbles witnessed in the state BJP from the good governance delivered during the last five years.

He hoped that the people of Karnataka would give the BJP a second term. Addressing a jam-packed National College Grounds here, Modi likened the situation in the state BJP to that of his home state in the late 1990s and stated that the people voted the BJP back to power with a resounding majority as the party, despite its internal bickering, had performed well in governance and administration of Gujarat.

He urged the electorate not to get swayed over the “false assurance and promises” made by the Congress. He drew a parallel between the growth of BJP-ruled states including Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh and said not a single state ruled by the Congress had won any prime minister appreciation awards for good governance while Karnataka had bagged two of the seven appreciations this year.

Source: DHNS,Bengaluru.


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