Whistle blowers who took on the rich and powerful!!!

Hansraj Ahir (Exposed coal scam):

Hansraj Ahir, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Chandrapur, is the man who brought the coal scam into light. He added “There are 27 coal mines in Chandrapur. Coal blocks were being given away for free”. After Ahir became part of the standing committee of Parliament on coal and steel in 2004, he wrote to the prime minister and finance minister in 2006 asking for the allocation of coal blocks via auction.


Sanjiv Chaturvedi (opposed the construction of a canal through a wildlife sanctuary):


Sanjiv Chaturvedi was an officer in the Indian Forest Service (IFS), and fought a long battle against the Haryana government. Five years ago, Sanjiv opposed the construction of a canal through a wildlife sanctuary that was being made in violation of the Wildlife Protection Act. He further opposed the misuse of public money to import rare plants for a private herbal park. As a result, the top official of the Haryana Forest Department launched an offensive against him, alleging that he was not working “in the best interests of the department.” He faced a dozen transfers and suspension on flimsy grounds in four years of service. The then President Pratibha Patil cancelled his suspension after a long battle. Further, Chaturvedi went the RTI way to prove that his actions were in the interest of the public. He has now moved to AIIMS and is the Chief Vigilance Officer in New Delhi.

Major (Retd) S.K. Lamba, (exposed Adarsh scam): 


Retired army Major S.K. Lamba worked tirelessly, along with other army officials, to expose the Adarsh scam. The plot of land in Colaba belonging to the army was being secretly drawn off for a residential project with support of senior army and Maharashtra government officials. When the 73-year-old army veteran began digging out information about the project, and was approached by many who wanted him to let the matter rest. In 2006, he was even booked for a hit and run, which he claims was imposed on him for trying to hunt out information on the scam. Lamba said “The case dragged on for six years, and I was finally able to get justice, a year ago. In between, chapter proceedings were also initiated against me by the police for unruly behaviour and being seen in a drunken state,” as reported by India Today.

Aseervartham Achary, Raja’s PA (exposed 2G scam):


Aseervartham Achary, the crucial 2G spectrum trial witness stood up in court and pointed at a man, an ‘office peon’ for accused Reliance executives, whom he claimed had threatened his life. When the scam came into light Achary got a call from the CBI. A chargesheet depended on his testimony regarding the relationship Raja had with Kanimozhi, visits of corporate leaders to the minister’s office and the consequent arguments that led to one telecom secretary moving away. He was the man who exposed the scam.

Source: Aditya Menon,India Today.


One thought on “Whistle blowers who took on the rich and powerful!!!

  1. RamBillas Yadu GBN – Bisrakh.
    These are all lies and tested ways of putting dust in the eyes of public. Before proceeding further, it will be proper to know the history of the retired Major who has the habit of calling frequent press conferences as he has a couple of media persons known to him by offering them a bottle or two of the Army whiskey (also an illegal act). He had joined NDA in 1956 and was commissioned into the army in June, 1960. He resigned from the army in June, 1980 and took pre-matured retirement when his service reached pensionable stage.
    To be more precise, it is worth mentioning that between 1956 & 1960, the retired Major had spent three years at NDA Poona & one year in Dehradun for training. After Commission in the Army, he was posted in a Unit which stayed mostly in peace, metropolitan towns areas. He was in Cacutta, Delhi & from early 1972 he was posted in Bombay, (now Mumbai) till the end of his service in 1980 when he took pre-mature retirement.
    While in Mumbai, from the begining till now he has been living in the Posh and prime area of Colaba encircled by the Cantonement areas. During the service in Mumbai he was looking after the works in Mazagaon Docks and the other important military works including the land reclamation works. While in service the Army permitted him to study for his post-graduate course in Harbour & Dockyard Engineering from IIT Powai, Mumbai. During those times the Indian Army Officers used to become Lt. Colonels after about 16 Years of service. But the Major had been superceded because of some adverse and illegal actions, and was not going to be promoted further, and as he had also had a chance to see the lustre of the civilian builders and therefore resigned from the army.
    He had been hot-headed and took actions without analysing its outcome & reactions of public & his high commands. He has a permanent subsisting habit of thinking himself of super qualities but these were nothing more than self-praise and unwanted bragging about himself. Because of his posting & free approach in the areas he is very well conversent with the geography of the areas. Not only that he is conversent of/with the people related to major land deals, Real Estate agents & Property Dealers and therefore he also knows very well their short-comings and other drawbacks because the retired Major after resigning from the army in 1980, he himself worked as a builder and constructed a number of villas on land puchased illegally from the land mafias, on the Bombay-Poona areas. Also he himself was a property dealer and a builder of flats / single unit houses on the lands occupied / bought /sold by him illegally in the Mumbai-Pune areas and made crores in the land dealings. He left that activity when the authorities started questioning him of his real estate activities.
    But by then he had made his illegal fortunes and started some other such activities, and then from the ill gotten money bought a centrally located restaurent in Pune with liquor bar in the names of his college going sons, and also started about a score of other bogus companies. The retired Major himself is a sca master. He had been a law breaker and was about to be punished for this when he had taken with him the troops working under him to attack the public at a railway station when posted in Calcutta Cantonement area. He was not found fit for further promotions, and therefore he put in his papers for premature retirement and lhe was allowed to do so – to retire in 1980 after completing almost 20 years service.
    He boasts off as a crusader against corruption, but how was he able to buy a flat in colaba posh area for just Rs. 35000/- whereas its actual value ran in crores. It is learnt that he has offered himself as an independant witness for the Inquiry Commission of the Adarsh Society Scam. He has done so because he is now trying to encash his experience in the lands of the Cantonement & surrounding areas having worked & lived in Colaba for about 40 years. As he has admittedly contacted the then GOC MG &G area over the Adarsh Scandle, you never know, he may now be waiting to be bought over for speaking as demanded. Incidently, the Lt.General might have joined the Army much after the retired major had joined. So in this respect, the Major might be having the wrong tendency of thinking himself to be senior than the Lt. General in the year 2005 also when he is said to have blown the whistle of Adarsh. But certainly a Lt. General is a very — very much senior post than a Major. By reaching a level of Lt. General shows his capabilities as only a few officers reach that rank. I think the retired Major is living in the Fools’ paradice without understanding the realities of the world. He thought that he has the liberty to intrude into anybody’s place or office without following the etiquetts and the rules of the organisation itself in which a person is working.
    Here above, the retired Major is said to be fighing against corruption only after his long drawn plans & efforts to benefit himself failed and he suddenly awoke from long sleep of about Six Years. Are his actions bonafide ? Or they are the outcome of failure of self interests ?
    He sits with stray awara street dogs to feed them a couple of biscuits just to get his photograph in doing so to show himself an animal welfare officer of the government of India. How could he feed the stray dogs the medicines ( Is he a veternary doctor?) in the prestegious Services Club? Colonel R.K. S. (then military police chief) a competent authority was rightly asked by the the then President of the Club to take necessary action against the retired Major for feeding and giving medines to the stray dogs in the club. Would that not increase the menace of the stray dogs who often bite the senior citzens, children & the passers by and others. Being the President of the Club, probably the GOC did the right thing.

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