Sanjana’s dad votes for good governance!

BANGALORE: Three years after they lost their teenage daughter Sanjana Singh on rainy June evening in a wall collapse in Hebbal road, the Singhs live on hope.

It was on June 1, 2010, when Sanjana was returning form her tuition classes that she took shelter beside a wall near veterinary college campus near Hebbal. The wall suddenly caved in and she was buried under the debris. The substandard work of the wall killed the 16 year old second PU student who aimed to be an engineer.

Three years of court trials and police station visits, the Singhs who changed their residence as they could not live in the same area where they lost their daughter still live with the hope of getting justice for their lost daughter. Ask them if they are willing to vote in the upcoming MLA elections? “Of course, I will. But I have lost hopes on voting for any national party as all those parties have lost credibility. I would support any independent candidate who would relate to the voters and wants to bring favourable changes in the way we have been governed,” says 48 year old Ashok Kumar Singh.

“Implement Lokayukta report”

It may be recalled that the Lokayukta had investigated on the infamous Hebbal case and had given its report to the government. But the report is yet to be implemented. “Politicians are sitting on the Lokayukta report. I would hope that an able candidate if gets elected would raise this issue in the cabinet and gets the Lokayukta report on Sanjana case in place,” says the father.

For the family which is still coming to terms with the loss, the relief is in the legal battle they are pursuing. “I get to see all the six accused (two contractors and four engineers) once in four months during the hearing of the case. That itself is a relief for me. I hope that one day or the other; we will have justice for Sanjana. The court may take its own course of time to come up with the verdict, but I will wait,” adds Ashok Kumar Singh.

The family shifted its house near Hebbal to Bannerghatta road as the Singhs did not want to see the remnants of the wall portion that killed their daughter.

Source: TOI,Dance of Democracy,March 29,2013.


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