Advice for Gen Y & Women Heroes in Technology!

There’s good reason to admire some of the powerful women who have successfully managed to break barriers that previously stood in a woman’s path from attaining certain level of success. As the never-before-seen number of C-suite women executives, continue to gain momentum, here are some of the most inspiring quotes from some of these women, which comes courtesy of Sherene Joseph via

Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry

“I think you have to have a very clear vision, very clear, very simple. And then you have to stay consistent with it.”

Beth Brooke, Global Vice-Chair, Ernst & Young

“My dad would always say, ‘Girl, you’ve been given gifts. Use them.’ And what he meant by that was, ‘Don’t just be successful. Don’t just use your talents sort of for your own success. But make a difference with them. Do something significant.’ And when I put those two things together, it just caused me to not accept the status quo but, in doing so, make a difference that actually benefits people.”

Ellen Kullman, Chairman & CEO, DuPont

“I think that it was the ability to deal with ambiguity. The world’s a changing place, but in large complex organizations, most of the people are looking for just what they need to do to get done. And when you’re starting a business, there’s not a lot of certainty.”



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