Today is International Day of Happiness!



It’s International Day of Happiness and India ranks number four on Asia’s happiest people online in a recent study that provides investment advice on social innovations.

Here are some of its observations of how different countries perceive happiness:

Despite recent complaints, the majority of Singaporeans continue to build on the Singaporean dream of self-actualisation, meritocracy, safety, and efficiency in society. The youth is particularly vocal during festive periods and special occasions, express their encouragement, and share pictures as a means of connecting with each other.

Malaysians enjoy a unique community approach to most of their favourite activities, which range from politics and shopping , to soccer and supper. They are careful to make sure they do not overstress, although the current political dynamics are creating some negative sentiment.

In the Philippines, happiness comes from a sense of large, extended families. Being a mostly Catholic country, many Filipinos have a predisposition to look for the best in everyone. They are taught from young to support the underdog, find joy in hard work, and smile at hardships.

In India, the institution of large, traditional families living together creates strong social support. Families make joint decisions on most matters, and play the main role in the many festive occasions that India enjoys. There is also a strong sense of patriotism, but some general concerns over violence, crime, infrastructure, the lack space, and public health.

Indonesia espouses a helpful communal spirit of “gotong royong”. Many Indonesians have learnt to appreciate the small things in life. The local cuisine continually comes up as a source of pride and a reason to get together, a reminder of the richness of the land. The predominantly Muslim ethos focuses on moderation and contentment.

Source:Eden Strategy Institute, a consultancy firm.


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